About Us

We are a family sewing shop in Orange, California. Our Mother was operating her sewing shop from home for over 40 years. As she is retired, still overseas our everyday work. We design and manufacture all of our products here in our store. At Sew Fit, we understand the reason we have been able to stay in business for these many years has been the quality of our products and our dedication to keep our customers happy. As our mother reminds us everyday, we are determined to keep high quality, and to make sure we satisfy our customers.



My services

We specialize in tailoring for busy professional men and women who appreciate attention to detail, the perfect fit and prompt service. Visit our tailoring shop for your custom fitting and get your alterations back in one week or if you are in a rush, one day! Or utilize our mobile fitting and delivery service! We come to you for the fittings and deliver your clothes to you once they are finished. We work early and late hours 6 days a week.

We alter everything! Suits, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, shirts, wedding dresses, leather and more! Schedule an appointment and come in for a estimate.